Macな暮らし Macと気ままな暮らし、コーヒーとiTunesのカントリーを聞きながら。

Like most Mac software, 1Password is a snap to install. After you download 1Password, locate it in your downloads folder and follow these simple steps to get set up:


Just in case you are an existing user, be sure to quit 1Password if it is running, and all open browsers before updating to a new version. If you are asked to overwrite a previous version, select “OK.” Any pre-existing 1Password information is stored in a data file separate from the application, so you can safely replace your local copy of 1Password or its browser extensions without jeopardizing your data.

既存のユーザーされる場合に備えて、それが実行されている場合1Passwordの終了するようにしてください、そして新しいバージョンに更新する前に開いているすべてのブラウザ。 youは、以前のバージョンを上書きするように求めている場合は、"OK"を選択任意の既存の1Passwordの情報は、アプリケーションから別のデータファイルに格納されているため、安全にデータを危険にさらすことなく、1Passwordのまたは同社のブラウザ拡張機能のローカルコピーに置き換えることができます。

You will be prompted to create a fresh new encrypted Agile Keychain file that will securely store all of your 1Password Logins, Wallet Items, Secure Notes, and other data. If you are an existing user, you can also choose to locate your Agile Keychain file if you already have one.


Step 3: Create a Master Password for your Agile Keychain

To protect all of your 1Password data, you must create a Master Password. This password is used to safeguard and decrypt your data, so make it a good one and be absolutely sure to remember it. You will have to enter this password to unlock your Agile Keychain in your browser for logging into sites, or to gain access in the 1Password application itself to manage your data.


You will be asked to install extensions for browsers like Safari, Firefox, and NetNewsWire. This allows the deep integration that only 1Password can provide. These extensions let 1Password automatically fill website logins, shopping cart information, and registration forms across the web. You can install them right away or wait until later.
If you wait, though, you won’t get the full 1Password experience! Be sure to install these as soon as you’re ready. When it comes time to install them later, go to the 1Password > Preferences menu, and in the preferences window that appears, pick the Browsers tab to install these extensions.

後でインストールする場合、メニューの1Password> 環境設定に移動し、これらの拡張をインストールするために、Browsersタブを選んでください。

Step 5: Enjoy 1Password! ステップ51Passwordのお楽しみ!
That’s it! You are now ready to enjoy a more secure, convenient Internet with 1Password and your favorite Mac browsers. If you have more questions about 1Password or our 1Password applications for iPhone, iPod touch, and Palm devices, don’t hesitate to check our FAQs or contact us in our support forums.

これで、1Passwordの、お気に入りのMacのブラウザで、より安全、便利なインターネットを楽しむ準備が整いました。あなたが1PasswordのやiPhone、iPod touchおよびPalmデバイスのための私達の1Passwordのアプリケーションについて質問がある場合は、私たちのFAQをチェックしたり、私達のサポートフォーラムでお気軽にお問い合わせください。

Other First-Run Tips and Things to Know 他のファーストランのヒントとして知っておくべきこと
  • You will need to enter your Master Password the first time you start the 1Password application. That’s right, on your inaugural launch, we lock the Agile Keychain file you created (in step 2 of 1Password’s installation, listed above), and we require you to enter this password as a test to emphasize its importance.
  • If you forget your master password, even we cannot unlock your data—which is the whole point of using 1Password in the first place! 1Password provides absolute security for your sensitive information. Etch your Master Password into your memory or, if you have to, write it down and store it in a safe place.
  • Once you unlock your Agile Keychain, you can use 1Password’s preferences to customize how and when your data file is locked. You can also use 1Password’s preferences to install or remove our browser extensions, customize data file backup options, opt-in for future beta testing, and more.